Atlas – Reuse

The emphasis is on reuse, versatility, and creative use of space

Académie Royale des Beaux-Arts de Bruxelles
Interior design | Master 2 | 2018-2019

Project in relation to my Thesis “Le réemploi dans l’architecture d’intérieur: vers des aménagements réversibles “.

The student housing is composed by three buildings. The main building has a clear structural grid, which was used to determine the dimensions of the studios. The common areas are, mainly ,to be found on the first building.
Salvaged material were used: tiles, woodfloors. There are five different types of studios – depending of the height and dimensions of the space.

The emphasis in on versatility, and creative use of space – doing more with less – and using standard dimension for the elements.
The Studios are thought as a modular interior. Made for students whose needs will vary. Each furniture is an entity that can easily be changed or placed elsewhere.
The furniture design, such as the closets and bookshelves, includes a structure which makes it easier to change the wood panels – integrating the notion of reuse and reversibility.