D’Ieteren Main Building

D’Ieteren for OOO
Interior design | 2021-2024

I was tasked with designing and planning an office space that would reflect the company’s values and enhance productivity. My role involved creating the concept, producing 3D models, developing plans, and specifying details for the project.

To achieve the desired atmosphere, we decided to focus on the use of curtain rails, which would allow us to create a unique scenography and manipulate natural light to provide a calm and inviting environment for employees and visitors.

The project for D’Ieteren involves the construction of a new building, the renovation of two existing structures, and the integration of these elements within the park. This approach aims to blur the boundaries between working indoors and outdoors, allowing them to seamlessly merge. The buildings are designed to achieve the highest standards of environmental performance and comfort.

During the early phases I was designed as the main designer responsable of the projet.

Throughout our work process, we made a significant decision to implement a standardization approach for the fixe funiture elements. This not only aimed at archieving coast savings but also enhancing wayfinding within the project. As the project continued to evelve dynamically, we found ourselves engages in working mainly in 3D to accommodate these changes effectively. It allowed us to visualize and adapt the design in a more comprehensive manner.