Rethink, Reuse and Reversibility

The foundation of the reversibility principle is to design and to build objects, buildings, interiors, etc. by considering each stage of their life cycle, including their end-of-life.

Reversibility consists of three core concepts defining the reversible potential of an object: adaptability, disassembly and reuse. By following those concepts it will be possible to minimise the exploitation of resources and thus the production of waste.

The system used to create the furniture follows a fairly simple construction principle. Requiring only simple tools such as a hex key for the structure and a screw driver for the panels. There are different tube lengths, as well as different kinds of connectors, offering a multitude of combinations to create different furniture. The structure is made out of metal to last longer in time; whereas the panels are thought of as interchangeable elements if needed (damage) and are made of new or salvaged materials (standard dimension)

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