Casa Palma

Mallorcan soul in Madrid

For our latest interior design project, we were tasked with infusing the vibrant essence of Palma de Mallorca into a residence in Madrid.

Our client, having recently relocated from the sun-soaked shores of Mallorca to the bustling streets of Madrid, sought to recreate the serenity and charm of their former home in their new appartment.

Drawing inspiration from the coastal beauty and cultural richness of Palma, we meticulously curated every detail to evoke a sense of nostalgia and warmth. From the soft hues reminiscent of Mediterranean sunsets to the organic textures echoing the rugged landscapes, every element was carefully selected to transport the residents back to the tranquil ambiance of their beloved island. Subtle nods to Mallorcan motifs, such as intricate ceramic tiles, woven textiles, and rustic wooden accents, were seamlessly integrated throughout the space, offering delightful reminders of cherished memories. With this design, we aimed not only to create a beautiful living environment but also to craft a sanctuary where our clients can retreat and relive the magic of Palma de Mallorca, right in the heart of Madrid.

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