The Barn

Preserve and expand the agricultural activity of the Domaine while creating guesthouses.

The vision of this project is to showcase the potential of organic and regenerative agriculture on a larger scale, while simultaneously bolstering the resilience of farmers. At the heart of our mission lies a commitment to four key pillars:

Firstly, in the realm of food production, we are dedicated to implementing organic and regenerative agricultural practices at Domaine de Graux. By engaging the entire value chain, from cultivation to distribution, we ensure that sustainable and ethically produced food reaches consumers.

Secondly, we prioritize awareness and community building. Through knowledge-sharing and the promotion of best practices, we aim to cultivate a community of individuals inspired to embrace sustainable farming methods. By fostering collaboration and education, we empower others to become advocates for change in the agricultural sector.

Thirdly, our focus extends to research and development. We are committed to identifying innovative solutions that enhance soil health, water quality, and biodiversity. By investing in research initiatives, we continuously refine farming techniques to promote environmental sustainability and long-term resilience.

Lastly, we aim to preserve and expand the agricultural activity of the Domaine while creating accommodations to host groups for educational and awareness-raising purposes around responsible agriculture. This includes the creation of lodgings aimed at reconnecting people with nature, fostering a deeper appreciation for sustainable farming practices, and nurturing a sense of environmental stewardship among visitors.

The overall concept was the different ecosystems and nature elements, such as a forest, a pond, flower fields and the land.

The forest was the lobby of the guestrooms area – with stylized and monumental trees in a minimal chromatic universe with light wood and a palette of whites.

The pond was the bar and restaurant space. A warmer chromativ universe combined with dark mirrors to create some surprise effects, such as lights reflecting on water.

The guestroom would be monochromatic bubbles – warm tones lined to the nature and the sun

Designed and executed by We Are OOO.

My role in the project: conceptual design, production 3D models, plans design, construction site follow up.

Images © We are OOO, 2023.

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